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Corporate yoga and meditation

At Nueva luna we support companies/organizations in their strategy to help their employees deal with stress before it becomes chronic and prevent burn out. We also support victims of burn out recover their resources and self-confidence. By combining yoga and mindfulness meditation, we share tools and teach how to reduce stress, calm the mind, and generate feelings of physical and emotional well-being.
We build an offer completely tailored to your specific needs, and we give sessions when and where it's most convenient for your team.

Our offering

  • WORKSHOPS mental preparation, motivation, relaxation…
  • EVENTS  team building, special events
  • UNLIMITED SUBSCRIPTION for the studio classes

Our tools


From gentle to very dynamic


The benefits of yoga accessible for all


Improves muscle strength, mobility and balance


For a deep physical and mental relaxation


Learn how to breath, to manage your stress, to calm the mind

Benefits of yoga and mindfulness meditation

Numerous studies show that yoga and meditation can slow down the harmful effects of stress. It is a worthwhile investment for both the employer and the employee.

Benefits for the employee

  • learning how to breathe and calm the nervous system
  • reducing cortisol levels and the impact of stress
  • learning how to stop over-thinking
  • reducing back pain and physical tensions
  • learning how to take effective breaks
  • improving physical and mental well-being
  • developing a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle

Benefits for the company

  • reducing employees absenteeism
  • improving productivity
  • lowering employees turnover
  • increasing sense of belonging to the company
  • decreasing staff conflicts
  • improving physical and mental well-being of employees
  • team building

Stress and burn out

Stress is the cause of more than 50% of consultations with general practitioners. In 6 out of 10 cases, burn out and depression are the cause of work stoppages, which last an average of 18 months.

Chronic stress has devastating effects on the body and mind. It affects the heart, the immune system and the functioning of our brain.

Burn out is recognized since 2019 by the World Health Organization as an occupational phenomenon and not as a disease. The responsibility of companies is therefore crucial in the well-being of employees.

Sources :, Harvard business review, NZZ am Sonntag

They trust us

« Today it is essential for SwissBorg to be able to offer its employees a way of connecting, both to themselves and to the collective. Nueva luna’s mindfulness program makes it possible, offering a weekly space in which each employee learns how to get to know themselves better, and to integrate meditation and mindfulness tools. Regular sessions help to reduce stress, increase focus and clarity, and bring about an overall sense of well-being. »

Our team

Sofia Nueva Luna Yoga Lausanne

Sofia is co-owner of studio Nueva luna yoga. She has more of 500h of training in yoga and mindfulness. More about Sofia

Nadine is co-owner of studio Nueva luna yoga. She has more of 600h of training in yoga and mindfulness. More about Nadine

Chloé is a yoga teacher and therapist. She is trained in yoga, mindfulness and Movement of life. More about Chloé