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Body Poetry Yoga 50hr Teacher Training – Lara Zilibowitz

Beginning 22 juin 2023Duration 4 daysCost 1'100.-


“When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

The invitation

Join internationally touring yoga teacher and transpersonal art therapist Lara Zilibowitz for an illuminating training into the deeper dimensions of yoga asana.

Through embodied philosophy we will wake up to the shimmering and dancing world of our subtle bodies, learning how to see and feel asana as a doorway into energetic aliveness and embodied freedom.

We will be helping one other feel the fullest potential of our practice via skilful and attuned touch, as we learn the art of deep listening and energetic hands-on assists.

The truth is, we all have healing hands. We simply need to re-awaken and re-member this primary vocabulary of connection and intimacy that for many of us lies dormant within.

Together we will realise that when we focus our awareness on another human with the intention to help open, heal, release energetic blockages, unstick physical tension… in addition to supporting technical outer alignment… the effect can be transformative.

Who is this training for?

This training is ideal for yoga teachers and passionate students yearning to have meaningful conversations with all beings, including Self, beyond words.

The takeaways

  • Deepen knowledge of energetic alignment within asana, understanding the subtle action of the vayus (movements of prana) informing every shape
  • Learn how to offer energetic assists, helping to wake up the map of the subtle body, for yourself and for your students.
  • Become confident and skilful with intuitive hands-on assists for most beginner and intermediate asanas, and safely hold space for students to realise their fullest potential within their practice.
  • Extra focus on assisting vinyasa flow and asana transitions – becoming a servant to the flow of prana, learning to dance with the breath, and to keep the pulse alive within the practice.
  • A clear understanding of the 3 types of yoga assists :  Kinaesthetic, Auditory and Visual
  • Learn the profound philosophy behind  Zen Thai Shiatsu bodywork, as well as embodying a 45-minute massage  sequence that you’ll be able to take home to share with students and loved ones.
  • Introduction to partner yoga and AcroYoga – bursting the solo bubble of yoga mat to feel the heart of the practice of Yoga revolving around community and communion with Self, Other and the Divine.

Note ~ participation in this training extends a discount to Lara’s foundational Body Poetry Yoga online training SPANDA ~ Embodying Energetics in May


About Lara

Yoga teacher, artist, soul pilgrim and body poet

I am dedicated to the path of embodied curiosity, of descending inside, with our breath as a guide, to look for treasures…
For this body of ours is an extraordinary alchemical vessel filled with so much magic and meaning, and it is forever awaiting for the fire of our presence in order to transmute any struggle and metabolise any stress into embodied wisdom and mental freedom.

For me, this is the heart of Yoga, and true meditative awareness, a welcoming of ourselves full-spectrum to practice, showing up empty of agenda with a willingness to befriend ourselves and get to know ourselves on a deep and true level.

This Tantric approach has been radical medicine in my personal journey working with over a decade of post traumatic stress symptoms of somatic anxiety and insomnia. Learning to trust the intelligence of my body as a potent source of power, creativity and healing, not to mention abundant pleasure. This realisation has become my life passion and purpose.

My dedication therefore as a facilitator and guide for others is to invite you to feel that embodied curiosity is actually the purest form of self-love there is, and an opportunity for you to reset into wellbeing.